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Frequently Asked Questions:

 How long do they last?

4-6 weeks from the time you get them.  They last longer if refrigerated, and you can freeze the chocolates quite well also.  If you do freeze them, give them 24 hours in the refrigerator to "condition" and keep their shine. 

Can I ship them? 

Yes!  We ship chocolates all over the continental United States with great success.  During our last holiday season, we successfully shipped to 29 different states.  

What are the colors?

The colors that we use to hand paint each chocolate with are made from cocoa butters, with fat-soluble food color added.  The cocoa butter is tempered in the same method as tempering chocolate. 

Do you use dark, milk or white chocolate? 

For the shells, we use only dark chocolate, usually between 58-66%.  Milk chocolate is used only for our ganaches and fillings, and white chocolate is only implemented into the wedding cake chocolate. 

How can I tell what the flavors are?

We have a flavor profile located here on our site.  Here, we detail the complexity of colors that make it challenging for us to pick out; therefore, we base our flavors on the shape of the chocolates.  For example, every time you find a round, hemisphere, it will have our signature Hazelnut Praline in it, regardless of color.  Likewise, the Dark Chocolate Ganache will be in any heart shaped chocolate.